Mechanical Seal Identification Tool

This tool is designed to help you visually identify a mechanical seal, without any advanced mechanical seal knowledge, by selecting the key design features. Using this tool will help you understand the type of seal you have and if you do wish to get in touch it will aid us in helping you.

Please make note of the areas on the pictures highlighted in red, these indicated where you are looking on the seal to identify the relevant feature.

If you already know the type of seal you need or have a model number of seal or pump then feel free to use our Mechanical Seal Enquiry Form at any point

Conical Spring

totally seals mechanical seal identification tool conical spring

These seals have a conically shaped spring to secure the head and grip the shaft. They also have o-ring mounted faces

Elastomeric Bellows

totally seals elastomeric bellows mechanical seal recognition tool identify type

The primary component in this type of seal is the elastomer bellow highlighted in red.

Parallel Spring

parallel spring mechanical seal identification tool totally seals which type

The springs of this seal group are parallel to the shaft. 

Multiple Springs

multiple spring mechanical seal identification tool totally seals

These mechanical seals are energised by multiple coils.

Wave Spring

mechanical seal wave spring totally seals identification tool

These mechanical seals are energised by a sinusoidal wave spring.

Water Pump Seals

water pump seals totally identification tool hot tub commercial

These seals are commonly found in domestic or commercial water pumps. Please use our form for this type of seal.

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