• Nitrile O-rings

    A synthetic rubber material that is extremely versatile, nitrile (NBR) is used for seals due to its ability to resist common chemicals including petrol, oil, acid and alkalines, and in medical devices as it is rarely an allergen.

    Nitrile O-rings 
  • Viton O-rings

    Viton (or FKM) is a specially-designed synthetic rubber used for seals which are chemically resistant, as it can withstand petrol, solvents, various strong chemicals, and hydrocarbons. It a top choice for automotive and aerospace applications, as it is resistant to all types of fuel used in combustion engines.

    Viton O-rings 
  • Silicone O-rings

    Silicone rubber is a stable synthetic that can withstand harsh environments while including non-reactive properties, making it perfect for seals that need to be used in both freezing and incredibly hot temperatures.

    Silicone O-rings