About Us

Our Mission

"Give our customers the ability to find the seals they need, in the quantity they need them - to get the job done"

How Did We Start

It began one day when shopping for seals - as you do. They are small and relatively inconsequential item in most people's lives, however, we all rely on them every day....however it can be tricky to find the ones you need.

Sure it's easy to buy a kit and try a few until one sort of works but that's not very accurate...and normally pretty wasteful...

...and so Totally Seals® was born

We began small and we still are pretty small. We specialise in small packets of seals which gives our customers the ultimate flexibility to buy exactly what they need. The packets allow our customers to try a few different sizes and return any that are unused which minimises waste. In addition we try and make it as easy as possible to understand seal sizes as this can be a tricky subject and a frustration when you cannot find the right size.

All of these factors combined has led to thousands of happy customers, we put customer service first and hope that anyone that buys from us is completely satisfied.