About Us

totally seals about us

Our Mission

"Give our customers the ability to find the seals they need, in the quantity they need them - to get the job done"

How Did We Start

It began one day when shopping for seals - as you do. They are small and relatively inconsequential item in most people's lives, however, we all rely on them every day and it can be tricky to find the ones you need.

Sure it's easy to buy a kit and try a few until one sort of works but that's not very accurate...and normally pretty wasteful...

The idea started by providing small, handy and cost effective packets of seals direct to hobbyists, mechanics, farmers and many other industries and we grew from there. We are always expanding our range of Totally Seals packets and will continue to do so but we also now provide a larger range of sealing products not only in small packs.

We aim to provide a simple and quick way to find the seals you need by having a well stocked e-commerce store that provides a speedy service with transparent pricing.

Our products and services have led to thousands of happy customers, we put service and quality first and hope that anyone that buys from us is completely satisfied.

ISO9001:2015 and Distributing

As of the year 2020 we are now ISO9001 certified and are committed to quality. We sell a wide range of sealing products as distributors as well as in house design, consultation and manufacturing expertise.

If you need seals, you're in the right place. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.