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We specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical, hydraulic and specialists seals, including gland packing, encapsulated o-rings, custom gaskets, and an extensive range of Nitrile, Viton and Silicone o-rings. 

Our seals are used in a wide range of new and old equipment worldwide to prevent liquids and gases escaping into the environment. We manufacture our seals to the highest standards to deliver high performing and long lasting seals for our customers.

Mechanical Seals

We can supply replacement seals for most major manufacturers: Eagle Burgmann, John Crane, Roten/Uniten, AES, Alfa Laval, Grundfos, MTU, PAC-Seal, US Seal and more.

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Hydraulic & Oil Seals range

We stock a full range of hydraulic, pnuematic and oil seals: Piston Seals (single and double acting), Rod Seals (RFD, RTA and RUB), Wiper Seals (WRB, WRC, WCA and WDA) and Guide Rings.

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We stock a wide variety of o-ring diameters, thicknesses and materials.

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