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We have provided tens of thousands of customers worldwide with our handy and convenient seals packets. This provides our customers with the best way to buy exactly what they need without having to purchase an entire kit.

We also now provide a huge range including, hydraulic, oil, encapsulated and mechanical seals.

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  • Mechanical Seals

    We can supply replacement seals for most major manufacturers: Eagle Burgmann, John Crane, Roten/Uniten, AES, Alfa Laval, Grundfos, MTU, PAC-Seal, US Seal and more.

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  • Specialist Seals

    We supply Gland Packing, Encapsulated O-Rings and Kamlock Gaskets. Further, we can custom make seals and gaskets to suit your application, with a wide variety of materials & thicknesses available.

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  • Hydraulic Seals

    We stock a full range of hydraulic seals: Piston Seals (single and double acting), Rod Seals (RFD, RTA and RUB), Wiper Seals (WRB, WRC, WCA and WDA) and Guide Rings.

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  • Bulk O-rings

    We stock a wide variety of o-ring diameters, thicknesses and materials - everything you need to meet your needs!

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