Keep your equipment running smoothly with the correct gasket material

Our custom gaskets are available in a wide range of materials, each of which offer unique properties and characteristics that make it suitable for different applications. 

The gasket materials we offer:


Material Name  Material Type Colour Features Spec Sheet
Armaflex Rail ZH & ZH-C Foam Based Rubber Dark Grey
Halogen Free, Fire Retardant
Bisco BF-1000 Silicone White, Grey or Black    Shock Retardant, Fire Retardant Download
Bisco BF-2000  Ultra Soft Cellular Silicone  Black  Fire Retardant Download
Bisco HT-800 Medium Cellular Silicone, Sponge Rubber   Black, Grey or Red  Ultraviolet Light Resistant, Ozone Resistant, Fire Resistant
Low Smoke Low Toxic EPDM  Synthetic Rubber  Black Fire Retardant, Toxic Resistant, Smoke Retardant Download
Bisco MF1-55 Silicone Urethane Foam N/A  Long Term Comfort, Maintains Firmness Retention, Maintains Thickness Retention
MF775 (FR8775) Solid Fire Retardant Silicone Rubber Grey, Dark Grey Heat Resistant, Non- Toxic, Non Corrosive Smoke, Fire Retardant Download
CBF Sil V -0 (Medium) Medium Silicone Sponge Standard Grey or Black Heat Resistant, Low Water Absorption, Ozone Resistant, Ultraviolet Light Resistant, Radiation Resistant  
CF2 Expanded Neoprene/EDPM Sponge Standard Grey or Black Heat Resistant Download
CF3 Expanded Closed Cell EPDM Sponge Standard Grey or Black  Heat Resistant, Low Water Absorption
CF5 Low Density Polyethlene Foam Black  Crossed Linked, Closed Cell, Low Water Absorption
CF6 Grey Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Grey  Low Density, Static Dissipation, Fire Retardant, Extreme Lightweight, Thermal Insulation
CF7 Solid Neoprene Rubber Black
Blended Rubber Sheeting, Short Burst Heat Resistant
CF8  Solid Commercial Rubber  Black  Blended Rubber Sheeting, Short Burst Heat Resistant
CF10  Solid EPDM Rubber  Black  Blended Rubber Sheeting, Short Burst Heat Resistant
CF11  Solid Nitrile Rubber  Black  Petroleum Based Fluids Resistant, Oil Resistant, Solvent and Greases Resistant
CF12  Low Density Polyethylene Foam  N/A
Closed Cell, Cross Link, Low Water Absorption, Thermal Insulation
CF16 2001  SBR/NBR Bonded Cork  Black Low and Medium Bolt Pressure, Good 
CF16 2020  Rubber Nitrile Bonded Cork to BS2F66  Black  Very Low Swelling, Good Toughness, Good Compressibility
CF18  General Purpose Solid Silicone Rubber  Translucent, Blue. White, Red, Black
Ultraviolet Light Resistant, Ozone Resistant, Radiation Resistant, Low Water Absorption
CF19  General Purpose Closed Cell Silicone Rubber  Translucent, Blue. White, Red, Black  Ultraviolet Light Resistant, Ozone Resistant, Radiation Resistant, Pressure Sensitive, Flammable, Low Water Absorption
CF21 - AF/Class O  AF/Armaflex Class O Sponge  Black  Self Adhesive, High Water Resistant, Low Thermal Conductivity, Built in Micro-ban, Antimicrobial Protection, Lightweight, Flexible
CF21 - Class O  Basic PVC/Nitrile Sponge  Black or Dull Grey  Flexible Closed Cell, Thermal Insulation, Water Absorption, Oil Resistant, Grease Resistant
CF21-HT  HT/Armaflex EPDM Sponge  Black  Synthetic Rubber Based Foam, Flexible Closed Cell, Thermal Insulation, UV Radiation Resistant, Ozone Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Self Extinguishing, No Drip, Doesn't Spread Flames
CF21-NH NH/Armaflex Non-Halogen Sponge Dark Grey or Anthracite  Flexible Closed Cell, Bastometric Foam, 0% Halogen, Concrete Resistant, Limescale Resistant, Gypsum Resistant, Cement Resistant, Dust and Fibre Free, Ozone Resistant, Low Water Absorption, Doesn't Spread Flames, No Drip, Thermal Insulation
CF22 High Temperature Super Soft EPDM Sponge N/A Water Absorption, Ozone Resistant, Acid Resistant, Alkaline Resistant, Semi-Closed Cell, Fungus Free, Good Sound Insulation, Good Water Sealing, Low Compression

Due to the critical function gaskets serve, it is vital to select the right material for your application and environment. Furthermore, the material of a gasket significantly influences how it performs in the intended application.


The factors that influence the material type

As mentioned, selecting the right gasket material for your application is key and there are several factors to consider to identify the appropriate material. These key factors are:

  • Temperature Range

    What is the temperature range it will operate in?

  • Application Pressure

    What level of pressure will it need to withstand?

  • Media Compatability

    Is the material it will be exposed to abrasive or corrosive?

  • UV/ozone exposure

    Will it be exposed to UV radiation and ozone?

  • Quality Standards

    Does it need to meet any product or industry standards?

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