Match your seal with these 2 types:

Identify your seal by matching the parts highlighted in red.

Inserted Face (Heat Shrink) or O-Ring Retained

The sealing face is a separate ring of material, usually CAR, SiC or TC that is not part of a solid monolithic head but is inserted separately and held in place with heat shrink or an o-ring.

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Monolithic Head

The rotary sealing head is made of one single solid piece of material. The monolithic seal head provides enhanced heat dissipation away from the seal faces.

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What is a conical spring?

These seals have a conically shaped spring, to secure the head and grip the shaft. They have o-ring mounted faces. There are a variety of different comical spring seals, so we focus on identifying the different types of seal heads in order to guide you to the correct seal. 

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We can supply replacement seals for most major manufacturers: Eagle Burgmann, John Crane, Roten/Uniten, AES, Alfa Laval, Grundfos, MTU, PAC-Seal, US Seal and more.

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