WRC Wiper Seals

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WRC Wiper Seals are used in Medium Duty applications and can be installed into a simple groove design.

Also known as scraper seals, they are often used together with other sealing components to let a ram rod pass through the inner bore of a seal, while preventing leakage.

Wiper seals are extremely important in ensuring that outside contaminants are kept out of hydraulic operating systems. By keeping everything from dirt to moisture outside of the system, scraper seals prevent any damage to rods, cylinder walls, seals and other important elements of the system.

When the wiper seals are not secured or fail, it can cause component failure in a fluid power system that leaves other pieces of the operation open to serious damage.

Most wiper seals are made from polyurethane and include a secondary lip that is used to catch any oil that has seeped past the main seal. The lip can also scrape any contaminants from the rod surface, giving them the title of “double-edged wiper seals”.