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Spill Monster Absorbent Powder

Spill Monster Absorbent Powder


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Introducing Spill Monster – the ultimate solution for spills and mess clear up. Spill Monster is a highly-absorbent, anti-bacteria powder that can be sprinkled on any surface that are wet from spillage or flooding - concrete, carpets, wood flooring, rugs, soft furnishings... anything! 

Spill Monster can absorb up to 10x its own volume in water, and up to 50x its own volume in other liquids - indeed it will happily soak up any liquid (except Hydrochloric and Hydrofluoric acid) you need to clear up: water, oil, paint, glue, blood, vomit, and many more. And, it won't leave any stains. What's not to love?

For example, you are changing out a seal, but have spilt compressor oil over the workshop floor. Not good - a tough clean up job normally, and you can guarantee that area will be slippy for weeks. But not with Spill Monster. Grab your handy tub and pour the powder around the spill to contain it first. Then work the powder into the oil using a brush, or a spare piece of wood. Spill Monster will soak the oil up before your eyes, and all you need do is sweep it up with a dustpan and brush, and tip in the bin. Not only will all the oil have been removed, but the surface where it was will be non-slip. Perfect.

So why wouldn't you want a tub of Spill Monster handy, just in case!

Key feature:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Works on any liquid
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Non-staining
  • Removed smells
  • Non-toxic and food and pet safe
  • Leaves a non-slip surface

Spill Monster is available in handy 500ml shaker that makes sprinkling on spills a breeze, and in 5 litre tubs which include a spreader to help work the powder into deeper spills. Goto for more information.

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