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VK4T Gland Packing (Kevlar® & Teflon)

VK4T Gland Packing (Kevlar® & Teflon)


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Vulcan Types VK4T combine the benefits of the remarkable properties of two outstanding Gland Packing fibres, G1 has the best combination of features of any packing fibre but it may extrude or deteriorate in high mechanical loading conditions. The addition of DuPont's KEVLAR® adds steel-like strength.

VK4T utilises PTFE fibres rather than G1. Shaft wear is virtually eliminated, and high speeds and aggressive chemicals can be handled, because of the presence of G1 on sealing faces. Extrusion and gland maintenance is negligible, even in the most arduous of applications, due to the inter-locked braiding of KEVLAR®.

  • Virtually eliminates Shaft wear
  • Long lasting and high performance sealing
  • Near universal packing, for use in all rotary, reciprocating and static gland applications
  • Negligible extrusions and Gland maintenance, even in the most arduous of applications
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