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VK1L Gland Packing (Kevlar® & Graphite)

VK1L Gland Packing (Kevlar® & Graphite)


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Designed and engineered to replace and outlast traditional packings, particularly in abrasive media and high pressure rotary applications.

VK1L is a square braided packing made from KEVLAR® Aramid fibres thoroughly impregnated with pure Graphite powder and inert lubricant. The performance of the packing is further enhanced with corrosion inhibitors and Molybdenum Disulphide lubricant. A general purpose, wide-ranging, durable arduous duty packing. For use in rotary, reciprocating and static applications particularly against abrasive fluids, weak chemicals and water.

  • Pressure rating: 200bar.
  • Rotary speed: 1m/s.
  • Temperature: -100°C +300°C.
  • pH range: 1 - 13.
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