Know how many springs is right for your requirement

Another key element of a mechanical seal is the number springs, which come in two primary types; single spring and multiple springs.

When to use single spring & multi-spring mechanical seals?

A single spring mechanical seal is typically used when the process fluid that is pumped presents little to no risk to the environment and a simple seal will do the job. If the fluid, and its vapour’s, are aggressive at high pressure or temperature, or hazardous to the operator or environment and must be contained, then a more complex, multi-spring mechanical seal is the right choice. 

Single Spring Mechanical Seal:

A single spring mechanical seal is a simple structure that does not require any complex method to be applied when using it. It simply acts as the transmission agent between the two systems in between which it is being used. They are designed as a simple design to take care of liquids that are contaminated. They have a naturally high resistance to pressure and heat which is what makes them suitable for use for a long period of time. Because of the simplicity of their design, they are very easy to assemble and dismantle.

Multi-Spring Mechanical Seals:

Alternatively, the multiple spring seals are much more complex in structure and in their usage as well. They were initially designed for the chemical industry but their ability to provide an even loading to all seal faces has made them quite useful in almost all types of industries. Many seal and pump engineers regard multiple spring seals as the best.

Quick guide to single spring and multi-spring seals:

  • Single Spring

    - Used for non-clogging and self-cleaning operations

    - Assured for long-term usage and higher resistance to heat & pressure

    - Very few parts and can be easily assembled or dismantled

    - Applications include; viscous, abrasive, crystallising, solidifying & non-corrosive slurry

  • Multi-Spring

    - Available unbalanced for low pressure and balanced for high pressure

    - Uniform force over the faces increases its life

    - Most components are interchangeable so easy to maintain

    - Applications include; clear lubricating, non-corrosive & volatile liquids

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