High performance, heavy duty, full convolution seals

Rubber bellow mechanical seals are unbalanced, single acting to give optimum strength and robustness. They are built to be the workhorse of seals.

How do rubber bellow seals work?

Rubber (elastomeric) bellows seals are of compact design with a sealing action that provides many benefits and are mainly used for water, oils and light duties applications. The bellow’s high strength and flexibility is the key to the very reliable performance of this type of seal; as it readily accommodates seal misalignment, end-float and seal face wear.

Designed for confined spaces and limited gland depths, the convoluted bellows profile makes these seals ideal for media prone to clogging or for hygienic applications. 

Some of the advantages of using mechanical seals with rubber bellows include:

  • Nothing to “hang up” on the shaft as there no sliding elastomer or o-ring
  • No shaft or sleeve fretting as there is no relative movement between the rubber boot and shaft or sleeve, installed properly the seal cannot fret or damage a shaft or sleeve
  • They are one of the easiest seals to install, maintain and replace
  • Easily pushed on to the shoulder with most designs sited next to the shaft shoulder, or linked to the shoulder cast right into the impeller
  • As they one of the most common and widely used seals, they are always available to order and be delivered quickly

Examples of rubber bellow mechanical seals

The convoluted bellows profile makes these seals slimeline, ideal for media prone to clogging or hygienic applications.

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