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VT2 Gland Packing (Poly Acrylic Nitrile & PTFE)

VT2 Gland Packing (Poly Acrylic Nitrile & PTFE)


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Profile Size & Length

Braided from pure Poly Acrylic Nitrile (PAN) impregnated with PTFE, further treated with special lubricants. Gives enhanced performance and extended life even at high shaft speeds and pressures within a wide pH and temperature range. Resistant to general chemicals, solvents, oils, water and steam. Does not contaminate or stain - suitable for use in the food, water and paper industries.

  • Pressure rating: 100bar.
  • Rotary speed: 18m/s.
  • Temperature: -40°C +250°C.
  • pH range: 2 - 14.
  • Roll length: 8m or 30m (Depending on Profile)
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