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Water conservation and the importance of seals

It’s the year 2019 and most of us are aware of the serious water crisis situation on our hands globally. There are countries on the same earth that we live on that have no access to clean drinking water. Global warming, combined with the pollution of water resources has drastically reduced the availability of clean drinking water for the masses.

While we may think that it is the responsibility of the governing authorities to take action and bring about change to fend off the environmental challenges that we face, the truth of the matter is that it all starts with us. The smallest of acts can make the biggest difference. There are numerous ways in which you can save water at home and at your workplace. Spend fewer minutes in the shower, to start with. What we often don’t realise is we’re wasting perfectly clean water while we step away from the shower to put on shampoo. The water keeps running and is going directly down the drain to mix with sewage water. Just a simple act of turning the tap off while you’re shampooing your hair can save gallons of water.

Additionally, you can adopt the habit of using a bucket when you shower. Instead of having the water running constantly, have a limited amount of water in a bucket. This might not seem like enough but once you get used to it, it does not feel any different. Not just for showering, you can use a bucket for doing other water-related household chores like watering your plants or washing your car.

As far as the commercial use of water is concerned, it is very important for factory workers and managers to pay heed to any and all plumbing leaks. If the equipment you’re using in your manufacturing plant is leaking water, you might be incurring losses that you can’t even fathom without even knowing about it. Therefore, it is very important for factory staff to immediately fix a leak as soon as it is spotted in order to save the company additional water cost and to also help the environment.

The use of effective seals is one of the most crucial practices that any manufacturing plant needs to take into consideration if they are going to be using water. There are huge amounts of water that is used in manufacturing plants only for flushing purposes. In such cases the use of a double mechanical seal is advised which negates the need to keep the seals cool and clean using additional water. A dual mechanical seal support system has the potential to save up to 99% of water that might be otherwise used in the plant.

Furthermore, having a good quality seal in place also helps elongate the life of your pumps and reduces the occurrences of breakdowns and the need for repair. Consider switching from gland packing to a mechanical seal in order to prevent the wastage and over usage of water in your manufacturing plants.

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