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For over 70 years ROTEN has been delivering seals off varying types to industries including food, chemical, pharmaceutical and water. The ROTEN®  group compromises of five companies; ROTEN  and AVES produce Mechanical Seals, EUROCARBO produces carbon and silicon carbide, MOLINOX manufactures stainless steel and superalloy springs, COEMI resells products and deals with the reconditioning of Mechanical Seals of all types. Their seals can be found in equipment, new and old, around the globe.

Through our comprehensive product range and specialist services, including reverse engineering, we are able to offer you equivalent ROTEN® seals for any requirement. 

The most common types of ROTEN® / UNITEN® Mechanical seal equivalents we provide are as follows:

ROTEN® / UNITEN® Model Totally Seals Equivalent
ROTEN® 2 Type 12
ROTEN® 3 Type 13
ROTEN® 3Q Type 13Q
ROTEN® 5 Type 7
ROTEN® 5H2 Type 7B
ROTEN® 7K Type 1688U
ROTEN® 7KS Type 1688
ROTEN® S Type 50
UNITEN® 2 Type 12DIN
UNITEN® 2K Type 126
UNITEN® 3 Type 13DIN
UNITEN® 3K Type 130
UNITEN® 5 Type 7D
UNITEN® 5K Type 135
UNITEN® 7K Type 1688L

All brand names are used to illustrate examples of the types of seals that we can replace, we are not in any way affiliated with these companies or stating that we provide genuine parts of aforementioned companies.

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