VT2 Gland Packing (Poly Acrylic Nitrile & PTFE)

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Vulcan Seals

Braided from pure Poly Acrylic Nitrile (PAN) impregnated with PTFE, further treated with special lubricants. Gives enhanced performance and extended life even at high shaft speeds and pressures within a wide pH and temperature range. Resistant to general chemicals, solvents, oils, water and steam. Does not contaminate or stain - suitable for use in the food, water and paper industries.

  • Pressure rating: 100bar.
  • Rotary speed: 18m/s.
  • Temperature: -40°C +250°C.
  • pH range: 2 - 14.
  • Roll length: 8m or 30m (Depending on Profile)