VC6 Gland Packing (Cotton Yarn & PTFE)

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Vulcan Seals

This packing is made from twisted Cotton yarns thoroughly impregnated, during and after braiding, with PTFE dispersion and special inert lubricants. The addition of PTFE dispersion widens the chemical resistance of VC6 compared to standard graphite or plain cotton packing. The special lubricants ease fibre to metal contact and embody very high lubricating properties, tenaciously adhering to metal shafts.

Vulcan Type VC6 is a soft, strong and absorbent cotton packing that prevents shaft wear because the cotton constantly absorbs the liquid being pumped along with any abrasive media. VC6 provides high flexibility with a very low co-efficient of friction and maintains a soft, moist pliable running face to the shaft. Applications The special lubrication of Type VC6 is sea-water and slurry resistant.

VC6 can be used for sealing stern glands, pumps and valves against water, sewage, solvents, oils, fats and abrasive solutions.