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Fluorinated ethylene propylene, or FEP, is slightly different to PTFE, though it still has some of the same qualities:

  • It is softer than PTFE and melts at a lower temperature, so extremely high temperatures may not be suitable.
  • It is highly transparent, so whatever it covers will remain the same colour.
  • It is resistant to sunlight, so it is good for all weather applications

FEP-encapsulated O-rings have a core of elastomer that is completely covered with a thin layer of the material. The elastomer core is either fluorocarbon (FKM) or silicone (VMQ) and can come in round, hollow or square section.

An encapsulated O-ring is often recommended in certain circumstances:

  1. A standard O-ring has poor chemical resistance for a desired application
  2. A solid PTFE O-ring does not offer sufficient softness for the application

Encapsulated O-Rings are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and others where high  chemical resistance and/or hygiene are required. They are better suited to static applications, however they can be used in a dynamic applications if the movement is slow and short. Tough this will reduce the lifetime of the seal.

The benefits of FEP encapsulated O-rings are:

  • Good elasticity compared to PTFE
  • Extremely low friction with a wide range of materials
  • Temperature ranges of:
    -60°C to +200°C with silicone (VMQ) core
    -20°C to +200°C with fluorocarbon (FKM) core
  • Resistance to a wide range of media

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